Warning Notice

Dunning procedures made easy – with IPPC LAW

Customers who do not pay are a nuisance and bad for business. Every entrepreneur knows the problem. It can range from a slight delay to total bad debt.

IPPC LAW specializes in recovering delinquent accounts. Fast, uncomplicated and with as little risk as possible for the client.

You can use the form below for this purpose. Please provide all information truthfully. If you have any questions, please call us or send us an e-mail.

After entering the data in the mask, send it off. An employee will then contact you to confirm and release the order. The debtor usually receives a reminder from our lawyer the very next day with a deadline of 10 days. If he still does not pay, we will apply for a reminder.

The best thing about it is: if the claim filed is justified and the debtor is in default, he has to bear all the costs of the proceedings. You only pay if the debtor has a legitimate objection to the claim or is insolvent. You can calculate how much the costs will be by entering the amount of your claim in the mask.